What We Are

UMMA (United Marine Manufacturers Association, Inc.) is an organization of independent boat-builders, which, while operating autonomously, have joined together to enhance their collective competitiveness and to address important industry issues which effect their survival and continued prosperity.


Industry Position

The marine industry has changed dramatically since the consolidation of boat building by power providers began in 1986. Since that time, conglomerates with direct or indirect ties to marine power production have secured control of more than fifty percent of the total domestic recreational boat-building market. This has resulted in a challenging position for the remaining independent builders. It would be similar to Chrysler having to buy engines and transmissions from Ford and Chevy. As this consolidation and the resulting "have" and "have not" disparity continues through acquisition and attrition, both the individual and collective industry strength of the remaining independent builders is diminished. UMMA believes that slowing and/or reversing this trend is vital to the continued viability of the independent boat-builder.

Founding in 1995, UMMA has grown to become the largest organization of boat-builders in the marine industry. More than ninety Member companies build more than 50,000 boats per year and work in close partnership with more than one-hundred and thirty supplier Members of its sister organization - United Marine Suppliers Association (UMSA). By pooling their collective efforts within a unique, semi-cooperative structure, UMMA Members have improved their operational efficiency, while making great strides toward leveling the playing field in relation to the largest companies in the industry.

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